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At Sterling Star Automotive, we install wiper blades and light bulbs FREE of labor.
At Sterling Star Automotive, we have a loyal customer base, many of whom have been with us since we first opened our doors. Please consider writing us a testimonial. Contact us here.
I found Sterling Star Automotive while looking for a specialist to handle a difficult procedure on a top-line car (replacing the oil cooler, involving removal of the cylinder heads, on my CL600). It is the sort of work that some Mercedes owners would trust only to a dealership. GP did the job well, and at a better price than the dealership would offer.

Matt - Great Falls, VA

I want to share with any of your prospective customers how very happy I am with the experiences I have had in bringing my '95 Mercedes to Sterling Star. All that I have asked for is a fair evaluation of the problem, a fair cost for doing repairs, a quick turnaround to the work being done, trust that the work being done is as good as can be and in you taking responsibility for the quality of the work. You have met all of these expectations so well, that I have referred two other friends to you. I've since talked to both friends and they're as happy with Sterling Star as they could be. Your philosophy to your business is a rare quality, and one that if others give you a chance, they too will understand why I'll keep referring my friends and contacts to help continue building your business.

Craig - Manager, Civil Agencies Liquid Machines, Inc

I just wanted to write to tell you how happy my wife and I were with the service for our Mercedes-Benz at Sterling Star Automotive. It is always hard to find affordable, friendly service for our car in this area, and we were delighted when we found your shop. We found the service to be honest, professional and affordable and all of our questions and concerns were answered. It is great to know that we can count on your shop when we have problems with our Mercedes and will call upon you for all of future servicing needs.

Greg and Clara - Sterling, VA

I was so happy when i found out about Sterling Star Automotive. Finally someone who could work on my Mercedes besides the dealer. It worked out better than i even imagined. Not only were the prices more competitive but i could personally interact with G.P. No longer did i have to deal with a salesman that didn't provide explanations about why something needed repairs. We take all our cars to Sterling Star. The 95' C280, the 2007 E350 and the Lexus RX300. They can work those cars too an beat the Lexus dealer's prices as well. I'm always confident when Sterling Star works on our cars. Thank you Sterling Star and congratulations on starting an automotive shop superior to others out there.

Michelle and Family - Vienna, VA

Sterling Star Automotive has always provided me with top service. Fair prices, kindness, and accomodating. I will never use the Big HBL service center. They treat you as an opportunity.

Greg - Ashburn, VA

I have enjoyed excellent service since bringing my cars to Sterling Star. Fast and friendly service has always been my experience for the last 2 years that the shop has been open. I wholeheartedlly would recommend Sterling Star to anyone.

David - Sterling, VA

Hands down the best Mercedes Specialist i found. Over 18 years of experience and extremely honest! He will not give you what you do not need. They are wall to wall Mercedes but they work on other cars as well. So happy i found this service center and you will too.

Gigi - Sterling, VA

I wanted a mechanic and auto shop that i could trust. Sterling Star Automotive is honest, trustworthy, dependable and efficient. G.P.Singh (the owner) is always available to help me understand the repairs being made to my car. Sterling Star Automotive offers excellent work and i am always 110 % pleased with the level of service.

Quince - Ashburn, VA

I wanted to thank you for the service on both of mercedes. Your service was friendly and honest and I am quite satisfied with having a great mechanic in the neighborhood whom I can trust to do the work on my cars.

Mike - Sterling, VA

I have known Mr. GP Singh since he opened his business in Sterling. He is thoughtful, a dedicated professional with a special expertise in Mercedes-Benz. Although his specialty is Mercedes he also services my Honda and Hyundai , so he is very well versed with all cars. His focus with customers is to provide excellent service and products at a reasonable affordable rate. I have owned a Merceds for 10 years and can say without hesitation GP is the best and most accesible mechanic i've ever worked with. I would highly recommend him, his business and his staff for all your car needs!

Amos - Broadlands, Virginia

Finding a mechanic to take care of all your automotive needs is a difficult task. Too often, shops take advantage of patrons and have things fixed or repaired just because they can to keep their revenue streams up. Mr. Singh, and Sterling Star Automotive has been just the opposite. Mr. Singh takes his time to determine what the problem is and then makes recommendations. I have taken our vehicles in thinking the worst only to have Mr. Singh tell us there is not a problem and there is no charge. Mr. Singh and his staff have always been very courteous, responsive and honest. They have reasonable rates and only invoice for legitimate work. Mr. Singh and Sterling Star Automotive will be the only automotive shop to get our business.

Buddy and Diane - Ashburn, VA

Thank you for your grear work on my vehicle. It is working fine.

Dr. Heyderian - Vienna, VA

Sterling Star is by far the best place in northern Virginia to service or repair your Mercedes. I am a long time customer and wouldn't consider taking my ML anywhere else. SS has the most knowledge and skilled technicians in the area who never overcharge and always provide great customer service.

Paul - Reston, VA

Where should I start. Great service. Great prices. Friendly…..I can go on and on. It’s been more than a few years now since I started bringing you my Mercedes and BMW’s. You have always taken the time to not only explain but also show me when something needed to be replaced. I can not think of another shop that is willing to do that. In fact, this last time you showed me how to replace a marker light on my Mercedes in the event I need to do it in the future. It may be a small thing but a dealership would never do that. I hope you keep your shop open for many years to come. I plan on driving my Mercedes and BMW’s for years to come and will need a shop I can trust to tend to their repair and maintenance.

Bill - Ashburn, VA

Having a trusting relationship with a dependable Automotive Service Provider is right up there with having a good marriage partner, a good Primary Care Physician and a good Dentist. G.P. Singh is the owner of Sterling Star Automotive and every time I bring my Mercedes E320 CDI in for scheduled service or diagnosis of a problem, Mr. Singh is there to greet me and discuss what I want done to my car. If it is a problem I am bringing him, often he and his staff will do an on-the-spot diagnosis, tell me approximately how much it will cost to fix, and tell me if they can handle it that day. What more can you ask for than that? 

I can tell you that if I go to American Service Center (not a slam against them), I am not greeted by the owner of the business. And even if I was, he would be in no position to answer my questions. This is a small business with a very high repeat customer base. They are extremely honest and their pricing is fair and below Dealer Service cost. The mechanics are all certified and take a personal interest in seeing that the customer is pleased with their work. Holy Cow, what a concept! If you are a Mercedes Owner – do yourself a favor and try this family-owned business. I should also mention that Mr. Singh’s lovely wife Sharon is always there to take your calls and find Mr. Singh when you need to talk to him. Please note; I am happy to submit this testimonial

Mike - Potomac Falls, VA

We just want to thank you for your excellent maintenance and repair of our '99 E320,as well as the Chrysler. Your expertise gives us a great sense of confidence to drive an older car. You have always been honest and show such integrity---and that is priceless. You are a pleasure to deal with,Best of luck in your continued effot to provide such outstanding service.

Bob and Myra - Reston, VA

I Love My Mercedes!!! With Sterling Star I can afford to keep it. My Mercedes was coming off warranty and as I looked at the Dealer’s maintenance charges I could not afford the long term cost of taking care of my 4 years old and hopefully 20 years old Mercedes C 230 (with the Supercharger.) GP Singh owner of Sterling Star is still taking care of my “Baby” now 12 years old and 155k. After a frank discussion of the problems, usually GP has a cost effective solution, be it maintenance or repair that has substantially beaten dealers estimates these past 6 years. In fact, Sterling Star and the friendly crew still take care of our two cars and our well-travelled van as well. Happy Customers.

Don and Sandra


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