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21595 Cedar Ln Unit B, Sterling, Located in Loudon County, VA 20166

Mercedes Benz Services

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Mercedes Inspection

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Mercedes Inspection

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Tire Rotation & Balancing

* Regular rotation of your vehicle’s tires helps prevent uneven wear, improper handling, reduced fuel efficiency and shortened tire life. We recommended Tire Rotation every 7500 miles, or at any sign of uneven wear.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

  • Engine
    Check compression, oil, valve train, fluid levels, charging systems, cooling system, visual system
  • Underneath the Car 
    Check steering components, brakes, exhaust system, driveline, leaks, drive shaft joints, chesie drains, and underbody
  • Interior 
    Electrical seats ,seat belts, audio system ,wipers and washers, lights, A/C system, windows, sunroof, warning lights, mirrors, emergency brake light.
  • Exterior
    Check lights, doors, glass and body
  • Road Test 
    Check vibration, air, road noise, alignment, break and clutch action.
  • Analysis
    Review inspection with the customer and estimate repairs

Mercedes-Benz Recalls

When a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is subject to a recall, we can offer you following services:

Transmission Services

We use genuine Mercedes transmission filters, pan, gasket, and other needed parts. We use genuine Mercedes transmission fluid to keep your Mercedes Transmission in good condition for years.  We can program all Mercedes transmission related part at Sterling Star Auto.